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Genome Enhancer (first launched as Fly Enhancer in 2001) searches GenBank-formatted genomes for clusters of short nucleotide sequences, such as transcription factor binding sites and microRNA target sequences. You can specify up to ten different sequences and the program will search the entire genome or a selected chromosome arm for clusters of your sequences. You define cluster parameters by specifying how many occurrences of your sequences constitute a cluster, and within how tight a window they must occur to be considered a cluster. The resulting matches are then shown together with information about nearby genes. For more sophisticated searches, you can provide a Boolean condition to indicate how many of each kind of sequence you want in your cluster.

The predecessor of Genome Enhancer, known as Fly Enhancer, has been offered as a free service to the public since 18 December 2001. Plant Enhancer and Worm Enhancer have been offered as free services to the public since 9 March 2002. These were combined into a single site, with the addition of Mosquito Enhancer, on 10 October 2006.

Genome Enhancer is intended for non-commercial use only.

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